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About Leentje 
After reporter Leentje De Leeuw interviewed a man in Chicago who was originally from her Belgian hometown of Sint-Amands, the brief encounter lingered in both their minds. They decided to stay in touch and soon fell in love.

In September 2014, after many transatlantic flights, Leentje and her son decided to leave Antwerp to move to the Windy City. Not only had Leentje fallen in love with the man, she was also smitten with the city. She decided to combine her passion for the city with her experience in travel and media, and thus launched her off the beaten path walks and biking tours. As soon as Leentje became a member of the Chicago Tour Guide Professionals Association, Chica-GO was born!

Through Chica-Go, Leentje offers city tours in Dutch, French and English. With 77 neighborhoods, Chicago holds surprises  even for locals, so Leentje will gladly reveal the city's hidden gems through her tours. You can also ask her to organize multiple days tailored packages for family vacations, city trips with friends, or company outings. 




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